Tengda Asian Bistro


Announcement / Special

New Arrival

Bubble Tea (Boba) 6

Thai Ice Tea 5

(All comes in 1 size 12oz)

Cocktail of the Week

Horsefeather Cocktail $13

Chivas Regal Scotch, Ginger Beer, Bitter, Fresh Lime Juice


Miso Black Cod Appetizer   $16

Grilled Marinated Black Cod

Toro App   $25

Blue Fin Fatty Tuna topped with Ikura & Black Sauce with Summer Truffle, served with Chef’s Special Dressing

Kumamoto Oyster   $18

4 pcs Fresh Oyster on half shell from Japan served with Chef’s Special Sauce

Uni   $13

Sea Urchin from Hokkaido, Japan, sushi or sashimi style

Orata $4.50

Sea Bream. Sushi or Sashimi style

Wild Sable Fish $5

Sushi or Sashimi style


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